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I Want Your Heart

What I really want is for you to show me your soft underbelly. Talk to me about your emotions. Give me a chance to love you when you're in a vulnerable place.

There is nothing more satisfying than deeply connecting when I've let myself be raw and you are being raw too. I suppose that's an ironic thing to say as I sit typing on my laptop and you are… well, virtually everywhere but here. Maybe you and I aren't actually connected through these words, but maybe they will launch you into connecting with someone in realtime.

When I wrote my story in Love Well, my goal was to be raw and real WITH MYSELF. It didn't really matter who else would read it. What mattered was the hard work of facing my own story. To look big and wide at all that's happened so far to see if I could find/make meaning in it. If you've ever wanted to find the courage to face your own story, this might be a good place to look.

(Plus you can read it in like one day, sitting in front of a fire drinking hot chocolate over your Christmas break. And so can your sister. And your father-in-law. Stocking stuffers anyone?)

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