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How to Support Your Spouse

In 2009 my husband and I decided to move into the city, buy a house and have our third kid, while I had a part time job and he was essentially a handyman trying to build a music career. I know the world thought us unwise. We blew through our entire savings in the first 8 months and ate a lot of rice and beans. We really did go for broke.

But our kids were happy, we did not go into debt, and we thrived with an incredibly supportive community. I don't regret it. It was just one of many adventures Cass and I have tackled together. His willingness to just go for it is a huge part of why I married him. When he believes something is right he jumps right in with no holds barred.

When I started writing in the middle of the night he said, "You should write a book!" When I was offered tuition remission at a university job, he said, "You should get your masters!" When I had to be gone nights and weekends as a coach he said, "I've got the kids!" He has always backed me 100%.

Marriage has meant taking turns with the big life moves. Together we are raising three kids, hosting community dinners, and building a home (literally). He is a phenomenal musician and cook, while I write, teach, and counsel. There is no way we could do what we've done without each other. Working and loving together is what marriage has been for us.

This round of adventure is a new album for Cass and I am backing him 100%. If you've never listened, check this out. It will be on the new record! He's raising funds for the production and we would love for you to be a part. You can donate here.

Mother's Day Hike

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