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Hard Decisions

Have you ever had to make a hard decision? Whether or not to give your kid psychotropic meds? Whether or not to get divorced? Whether or not to tell people about your same-sex desire? Whether or not to get an abortion?

Maybe it wasn't that, but it was one of those make-or-break kind of things, that you KNEW somebody was REALLY not going to agree with whatever you decided. Somebody was going to get mad. Somebody was going to think less of you.

What did you need from your friends during that time? It certainly wasn't more pressure. Maybe you wanted advice, but the deal is, if they gave you advice and you took it, you may have ended up blaming them for whatever consequences resulted, rather than owning your choice. Advice is dangerous. Advice is limited.

Hard decisions are necessary firing points. They squeeze character out of you. They reveal authentic selves. And Lord knows the revelations are not always pretty, but they are humbling. They remind us of the complexity of life and the necessity of grace. We won't make it without the ability to recover from hard decisions.

Unsplash Photo Cred: Alexandra Nicolae

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