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Fake Genuine

You can't fake genuine. Those two words are opposites. To be genuine about elements of yourself that make you feel vulnerable… like emotions and unique preferences… you have to be really brave and really honest with yourself.

Sometimes emotions are ugly. I don't mean they're bad, just ugly (messy, scary, embarrassing, etc). If you like something that's not PC or culturally appropriate you're probably not going to get a pat on the back for being honest. You might even get yourself excluded from certain circles.

But you know what's even less attractive? Dishonesty. Faking how you feel or what you like is putting up a brick wall between you and anyone who might want to connect with you.

I may not like how you feel. I may curl my nose up at the things you enjoy, but I would rather be your friend and us learn how to negotiate our differences than to have you hide your truly beautiful self.

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