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Consent is Sexy

Is it ok if I…

To respectfully ask for what you want from me is so attractive. So gutsy. So impressive. So risky. You've put yourself out there, let me see what you want, knowing there's a chance I'll tell you no. Very brave. And I like it. Even if I have to tell you no.

For more great info on consent, I highly recommend "In the No" by Radiolab. Kaitlyn Prest explores the mental and emotional gymnastics of consent between partners, inside both the asker and the consenter. (***Some of this content is not for the faint of heart***).

Unsplash photo cred: Reilly Durfy

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I wish I had read your post about 30 years ago and taken it to heart. So many lessons I wish I had learned. I just hope some I can pass on to my kids in some way (although this one may not be so easy to talk about.....I'll have to figure out a way).

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