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Big Women: Who to follow for learning to love yourself

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

When men get big and loud we tend to believe they have something to get big and loud about. We think they're righting some wrong, addressing some injustice, or standing up for their rights.

But when women are big and loud we call them "bossy," "crazy," "dramatic," and "ridiculous." Many women are expected their whole lives to get smaller, take up less space, and stay out of the way. It's a stupid double standard.

I became fascinated with confident bigger women when I first saw Nicole Byer on Nailed It. She was so funny. She was not trying to make herself smaller or more discrete. She was sassy and fun. (If you want to laugh so hard your stomach hurts, listen to her pole-dancing commentaries). I also love Chrissy Metz from This is Us and of course, Lizzo. These women unapologetically take up space and appear unafraid to be themselves, despite the seemingly world-wide ban on big, loud women. They are paving the way for us, ladies. They are making it ok for normal humans to have a normal bodies. Hats off.

Photo cred: MontyLov

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