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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Today I made this blog. It was rough. I wanted to figure it out but I was also scared and overwhelmed. And my fingernails are too long to really be typing. I searched. I asked a thousand people a thousand questions. I tried SquareSpace. It wouldn't work. I thought it was my technology curse, but it turns out they were doing some maintenance, so it wasn't really my fault. But I thought it was my fault and I felt stupid. So I switched to Wix. It obviously worked fine.

I decided to call the website "It Takes A Breath" because of a dream I had a while back about some sort of foundation that helps the voiceless have voices. There's a lot of voicelessness out there. And I thought, "But to speak, all it takes is a breath."

Everyone needs a voice. Everyone has a story. I like to help people find their stories and tell their stories and live their stories.

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