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There are those of us who believe in things unseen and those of us who don't. The very definition of miraculous things is that they don't make logical sense to believe—unless of course you can't help yourself.

And when you believe unbelievable things are real, you look crazy. Irrational at least. Perhaps that makes you cancellable? Ignorable? Unbelievable yourself?

Certainly a prerequisite for believing unbelievable things is having hope: hope that what you see is not all of what you get. Hope that this sad world is incomplete in its manifestation, which is perhaps why it becomes the opiate of the masses. It feels good to get high when you're in pain. Most of us need more than what we can see, more than what we get.

Hope is a gift not everyone receives. I only got a very small dose. I cherish those who have more. They tend to care a lot and really want to do the right thing, even when they're not good at it. I don't think they're cancellable, I think they're precious.

Unsplash photo cred: Leonard Cotte

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