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Too Much Information

Sometimes in session clients will say, "Maybe this is too much information, but…" Typically it's on some very vulnerable topic in their life: sex, trauma, violence, etc. But I've never felt what they've told me was "too much". I show up to the office ready for those deep dives because that's what I've committed to and I've prepared myself to do it.

But there are times when I get bombarded with too much information. Sometimes it all just catches up with me. I have a limited capacity for news, social media, my family's emotions, theological data, gear lingo (my husband is a musician), scheduling, sports requirements for my kids, and the number of tragedies the world around me is facing. It's normal to get overwhelmed in an overwhelming world.

But what then? When I get to the point of spilling over, where can I find relief from the constant barrage? I look for quiet spaces. I make times to rest where there is no schedule. I run to my back porch. I find my journal so I can brain dump. I find my friends who love me and I cry honestly to them. I take breaks so I can regain capacity and love with my whole heart again. The rest is essential.

Unsplash photo cred: Aaron von Pilgrim

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