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Time to Write

Everyone has a story worth telling. It's amazing the healing that comes through putting your story into words. Writing your story forces you to feel all the things that have happened, again, but from a step away. It's slightly safer, not being right in the middle of it. Maybe even safe enough to feel it more deeply than you did the first time around. All the things that have happened since also give you a wider angle perspective.

As I've worked on writing my own story (find my first book here), I've re-written it countless times. Every time I read what I've written I see it a little differently. I feel it a little differently. Sometimes I see the ugliness of unresolved hurt. Sometimes I feel the gentleness of grace that I couldn't feel when it happened.

I want everyone to tell their story. For themself, but also for me. I am inspired by the diversity of experiences. Make some time to write.

My second book will come out in a few weeks! Join this site to be notified when it launches.

Unsplash Photo Crew: Nadiya Ploschenko

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