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The Bitch

How do you think a word defined as "a female dog" began being used as a descriptor for female women? Maybe it was the time a woman clapped back at someone trying to cut her down. Maybe it was the time a woman stood up for her children. Maybe it was the time a woman fought back against an intruder... Are those bad things? Wrong things? Beastly things?

Or are they just healthy human responses to aggression?

It's not so much that I always agree with reactive behavior (I have grave respect for those who endure—more on that later), its more that the standard isn't equal. He has leadership qualities. I'm bossy. He knows how to take care of business. I'm pushy. He stands up for himself. I'm a bitch.

Maybe you don't use that word, but what do you think of me when I stand up for myself? When I say my opinion without apology? When I tell you what we need to do to get the job done? What do you think of me when I get loud? You might be a part of the problem.

Unsplash Photo Cred: Tyler Lastovich

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