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Thankful for Pain

Since we are in a season of thanksgiving and counting our blessings; I want to express my gratitude for the pain. I have experienced a lot of pain this year. Whether the pain came as body aches and soreness or loss and heartache, it very often took my breath away.

In the midst of the pain, though, came the memories. I remember the feeling of pushing my body to be better, and the rush of adrenaline when I achieved my goal. Heartache and loss bring the memories of good times spent with someone no longer in my life. Those fleeting moments of laughter or a shared smile ease the heartache and temper the pain of loss.


pain the sweetness or joy would be too soon forgotten. It forces us to relive the reason why we invest in others or push ourselves to be stronger. Savor the pain, remember the good. Be thankful for it.

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