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Brandi has known author Dusty Woodson for her entire life--he's her brother ❤️. When he isn't fighting fires and serving his community, Dusty's out climbing or running or hanging swings in trees for his family. He's been working for the fire department for 7+ years and likes to write in the margins of his life. I've been angry a lot lately. It seems to pervade my life from all directions. Anger that isn’t dealt with in some way tends to fester. I don't feel angry all the time, but my mood changes in other ways. I jump off the handle at things that are seemingly small. In the heat of anger may not be the best time to say something to the one who has provoked my anger. If I can, I get a little distance and time from the situation, reflect on it, calm down, and then come back. To tell someone that I feel hurt feels vulnerable and therefore risky. But in saying something, that burden is no longer mine. It allows me to heal, even without an apology from the offender, for I no longer have to carry that burden alone. So if you’re burdened with anger (hurt), even if it isn’t towards a particular person, I dare you to say something to someone.

Unsplash Photo Cred: Max Kukurudziac

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