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I Want Them to Sing

When we bought our bird feeder and hung it off the back porch, I knew it was an investment we were literally throwing into the wind. I knew the birds were not going to pay us back. But I didn't even really want them to. Birdseed is cheap.

What I wanted instead is for them to sing. And flutter. And maybe act weird and funny. I just wanted them to be themselves! They make me smile and it makes me feel good to think about them surviving a harsh winter without having to panic about starvation.

We have no contractual obligation to the birds. They don't complain much if I don't come through. They don't even retaliate by pooping extra on my deck. They just spend a little less time close to me. But I think I'm going to refill anyway because I want to hear them sing again.

Unsplash photo cred: Paulo Brandau

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