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It takes a breath.

It takes a breath to find healing, to live freely, and to share your story.

This is a space for you learn how to do just that.

Online course to support you & your kids:


This course is designed for parents launching kids in a complex world. Parents will learn accurate, no-shame information and practical methods for supporting their children to develop healthy sexuality and connections.


Meet Brandi

This website is the brainchild of Brandi K. Harris, MS, LPC & LMFT. Brandi is a professional counselor, author, speaker, teacher, and coach. Personally she's a mom of 3 kids, a wife, a friend, and a follower of Jesus.

She has been practicing counseling for over 10 years and published her first book in 2015, kicking off a round of parenting classes and teaching gigs. Before that she coached swimming and taught human development for a local university.

She's also done a few random things like playing roller derby and shaving her head. She no longer has a belly button. She's just a fun human who makes mistakes and then tries to recover.


The Truth About Holy Sex

Workbook Available Now


Grace for Parents

Brandi's personal experience with parenting as a professional therapist is both humorous and informational as she inspires parents to figure out what works. This is a story of a real person raising real kids; it's about the grace it takes to be a good parent.

Personal Narrative

Love Well

Through her collection of autobiographical short stories, author Brandi K. Harris paints a fragmented portrait of an ordinary person being loved in extraordinary ways. By finding her voice and telling us her story, Harris clears the path for others to reflect and do the same.


The Truth About
Holy Sex

The mixed messages and inaccurate information perpetuated in Christianity about sexuality are confusing and often harmful. This workbook is designed to share the truth and to help those who love Jesus learn to love sex.


Latest Blog Post

Author Brandi K. Harris and her talented friends submit entries on personal topics, from counseling to pain, to stories of adventure. Find some inspiration for discussion.


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