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The Truth About Holy Sex

A Workbook for People Who Love Jesus and Want to Love Sex


While sexuality is designed by God with good purpose for all humanity, you might have been taught that it was something to hide or ignore. Harmful misinformation about sex, or silence on the subject entirely, leads people to absorb beliefs like:


  • Sex is just for men.

  • Women don’t want, need, or like sex.

  • Thinking about sex is automatically lusting.

  • Intercourse is just part of marital duty.

  • Sexuality is bad, dirty, or naughty.


These messages are misleading, inaccurate, and confusing. In The Truth About Holy Sex, author Brandi K. Harris, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, uses scripture and evidence-based research to bring men and women joy, peace, and healing in their sexuality. Her insights, resources, and practical applications will help followers of Jesus increase intimacy and develop deeply satisfying sex.

The Truth About Holy Sex is a personal workbook full of research and reflective practices to provide you with a more comprehensive approach to reframing sex.


The Truth About Holy Sex is designed to be experienced in community. Whether you gather in your faith community or work through this with close friends, we hope you will connect with a safe few who can support you while you’re going through the teachings.

You don't have to have a spouse for this workshop. As helpful as a loving partner can be for sexual healing, it is not a requirement to experience sexual wholeness and health. 



Each chapter of the workbook is formatted with note-taking space, individual homework, group conversation prompts, and optional exercises to practice with your significant other.

Table of Contents:

1. Sex?!

2. Trouble

3. Sex is Good

4. Context Matters

5. How Sex Works

6. An Intimate Way

Considering this workshop for a church group or larger gathering? We have discounts available for groups of 12 or more. Plus, you can book Brandi to speak. Email us for details.

"I have way less shame surrounding the fact that I HAVE sexuality. I am more equipped to talk about it with my spouse."

The Truth About Holy Sex

Workshop Attendee

Looking for the online course?
Want to dive even deeper into this content?

The Truth About Holy Sex is also available as an online course which features:

  • Almost 6 hours of video content

  • 2 Included workbooks

  • 12 Responses to major FAQs about faith and sex

  • Additional resources, guides, and exercises

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