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Grace for Parents

A lot of people have probably already told you how to parent, but maybe no one's told you just to do your best. And maybe no one's told you that doing your best sometimes looks like falling on your face.

Brandi's personal experience with parenting as a professional therapist is both humorous and informational as she inspires parents to figure out what works. This is a story of a real person raising real kids; it's about the grace it takes to be a good parent.


"As a practicing counselor, I've witnessed family after family struggle with the challenge of growing healthy kids in a context of a culture that values perfection and appearances. It's embarrassing to fail. It's embarrassing to be broken. It's embarrassing to be out of control. So we desperately try to perfect our imperfect children, setting ourselves up for great frustration. 

Parenting is such a personal, unique experience. As humans, we are so incapable of doing things exactly right that there's really no way to feel confident our kids are going to turn out "perfect."

Over time, parenting has become less of an opportunity to prove myself worthy and more of an opportunity to realize my need for grace. This book is about the grace I found it takes to be a good parent."

- Brandi K. Harris

"This a great book, full of practical information. It is a quick read, and a real page turner! I loved it so much, I read it in one day! I recommend this book for all parents, and soon to be parents!"

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