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Brandi K. Harris


Counselor, Author, & Speaker

Below you'll find a list of the topics Brandi is qualified and available to give talks on.


The Truth About Holy Sex

Based on her curriculum The Truth About Holy Sex, this talk will address misleading, inaccurate, or harmful messages surrounding sexuality. Using scripture and evidence-based research, Brandi will reframe sex and intimacy with the goal of helping Christ followers find greater fulfillment in their sexuality and relationships. Participants will be guided in how to find joy, peace, and healing in their sexuality. 


Drawing from the text by Cloud and Townsend, Brandi explores the elements of healthy connection, emphasizing “separate but together” as the model of differentiation. Participants are walked through personal reflection to consider the [sometimes subconscious!] rules of connection they learned from their families of origin and the effects those rules may have on their current functioning.

Intimacy Development (for couples, for individuals)

In this talk, Brandi draws on her The Truth About Holy Sex curriculum to paint a thorough picture for intimate connection. Elements of sexuality are defined and revealed. This talk can be tailored for a married group or for individuals, depending on the needs of your group. It draws heavily on research-based science and biblical texts referenced by the curriculum.

Work/Life Balance

Brandi walks through elements of a balanced life and gives practical hands-on experiences to help participants understand prioritization, realistic limits, and knowing their own needs to ward off burnout. Participants are encouraged to make their life choices consciously and intentionally, and to make room for the things that are most important to them.

Warrior Wives

The role of “wife” is explored and defined. Women are recognized as both valuable and marginalized. This talk examines the way those two qualities affect their relationships with their spouses and themselves. Brandi empowers women to own their unique qualities and identify ways they can live out a calling to love honestly and sacrificially.


This talk introduces participants to the concept of grief and what it would look like to grieve with their community, including God. Understanding the grief process and will increase compassion. For those with faith, learning to grieve will help participants better understand the gospel and thereby God’s willingness to meet us in our own muck.

Developing Community

Drawing on her experience in camp ministry, team sports, small groups, and personal communal living with her neighbors and relatives, Brandi shares the essential elements of living safely in close connection with others. Themes of appropriate differentiation and clear, loving boundaries are encouraged. Also touches on influential discipleship and mentoring.

Corporate Mental Health

This talk explores the elements of mental health that can affect both individuals and organizations. Brandi defines health in terms of peace, functionality, satisfaction, and connection. Support for mental health and aspects of healing are considered.

Spiritual Practice

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Based on Pete Scazerro’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality content, this talk explores how faith affects and is affected by emotions. It will challenge believers who may be strong in head knowledge to deepen their faith to the heart level, increase integrity, and enjoy the gospel. Includes elements of contemplative discipline.

Silence, Solitude, and Sabbathing

This talk delves into the spiritual disciplines that increase understanding of God and His goodness, and challenges believers brought up in a fast paced, yet lonely culture. Brandi explores scripture valuing a slower paced life and encourages believers to develop kind, grace-filled relationships with themselves and others. The talk will sabbath and differentiates that from just taking a day off. We will identify the different elements of restorative rest and believers develop a practice of faith that emphasizes the peace and freedom of the gospel.



Discipline is defined and explained as the process of training children for life-long health and connection. Participants are encouraged to consider the effects of their own upbringing. We examine the elements of effective discipline and some specifically difficult challenges for many parents, including mental health and briefly sex-education.


This talk explains the science of attachment and connection, and helps parents identify ways to connect with and support their child’s social development. Parents are encouraged to consider their own personal attachment styles and how it affects their parenting.

Sex Education

Participants will learn theoretical and practical tactics for helping their children develop healthy, shame-free sexuality. Research is reviewed, as well as developmentally appropriate approaches for each age group. Brandi draws on her professional experience as well as her personal experience as a parent of three kids.

Counselor (& Other Helping Professionals) Education

Human Development

This talk is a basic review of the human development education counselors likely received in graduate school. It covers the basic theories and highlights common areas of focus for counseling. Participants will also get a refresher on how to keep up with ongoing developmental research.

Visuals for Practice

For CBT therapists and those who incorporate a didactic element to their practice. Visual drawings and demonstrations are used to teach basic relational and developmental elements common in counseling. Brandi draws from her fifteen years of experience with clients and graphic demonstrations that have helped clients who appreciate visual learning.

The Ethics of Dual Relationships (Within the Counseling World)

Calling on the many ethical dilemmas Brandi has both experienced and observed in her fifteen years of practice, participants will be walked through the tools to use in making ethical and wise decisions concerning the health of both themselves as professionals and clients. Participants will review the ethical codes and process dilemmas with their cohort.

The Science of Sex

Clinicians will review the current knowledge and research surrounding the relational and physical aspects of sex as it relates to their clients. Brandi draws on her professional experience and sex education to help participants feel better equipped for supporting therapeutic goals relating to their sexuality. These topics include hormones, anatomy, arousal cycles, intimacy, consent, push/pull dynamics, personal responsibility.

Boundaries and Burnout

Drawing on fifteen years of experience in the field, from agency work to individual private practice, to group practice, Brandi walks clinicians through the helpful habits and boundaries that have helped her remain professionally and personally vibrant. Participants will be encouraged to look at their own rhythms of life, including rest, personal community, and recovery techniques.

Brandi's Books


The Truth About Holy Sex


Love Well


Grace for Parents

Brandi K. Harris, MS, LPC & LMFT has taught for various professional conferences, classes, churches, and retreats. Her professional work includes emotional health, psychotherapy, human development, parenting, and literary discussion.

If you're looking for a dynamic, well-prepared speaker, she's your girl. 

If you're interested in exploring how she could provide value at your next event or speaking gig, contact her below.

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