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Are you worn out from the world & stressful relationships?

Looking to connect on a deeper level & feel known?

It only takes a breath to start healing.

Lots of people want to make changes in their lives but don't know where to start. Counseling can be a part of healing, but it is expensive and hard to find the right fit. 

Counseling doesn't have to be your only option. Discover the resources you need to pursue the health and connections you're seeking.


Meet Brandi

Brandi K. Harris, MS, LPC, & LMFT has been a professional counselor for 15 years.

She teaches regularly on mental and emotional health. Personally, she's an artist, a mom of 3 kids, a wife, a friend, and a follower of Jesus. As a fun human herself who used to play roller derby and will almost always nerd-out over random plants, she wants to do what she can to help heal our community.

From sex ed to self-worth, Brandi can support your learning & healing. Choose your topic to explore the resources:

"I have way less shame surrounding the fact that I HAVE sexuality. I am more equipped to talk about it with my spouse."

The Truth About Holy Sex


Why delay when healing can start today?
Take a breath & join me!


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