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Download these for your next conversation.

If the guides don't appear right away, don't fret—  it may take a couple seconds to load. The files can be downloaded directly on desktop via the down arrow icon.

Ready to talk about sex?

This guide is designed to walk you through how to open the conversation up around sex with the safe people in your life. Engaging your community on the topic can help you learn and feel less isolated in your experiences.

How to talk to your partner about sex

This guide gives practical advice on how to create the right environment to talk about sex with your partner. It offers prompts and exercises so you can explore deeper conversation that can lead to more satisfying sex.  

The Weekly Marriage Staff Meeting

The Marriage Staff Meeting is about connecting with your spouse on a practical level to address the tasks that come with the life you are building together. This guide will illustrate the value of this routine and teach you how to meaningfully implement it in your life.

This work is the intellectual property of Brandi K. Harris. Any distribution of this work without explicit permission is a violation of copyright law.

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