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We Want to be Wanted

That song by Cheap Trick is annoyingly true for most of us. Maybe the only person who's not is the mother of needy young children who cling to her legs all day long. She'd probably pay a pretty penny to NOT be wanted.

But the rest of us lonely souls are longing to be wanted. By our friends, by our spouses, by a lover, by the general public. We love to be adored. We love others to be curious about us and interested in us. We want someone to notice us and just WANT us. Such a common sentiment must be inherently human. Unfortunately it's also consuming.

With all of us spending so much energy desperately seeking to be wanted and included and paid attention to, who has any energy left to do the wanting?

If you have a pinch left, I beg you to spend your remaining energy wanting the people you care about. Let them know you're interested. Listen to them. Be curious about their lives. Pay attention to their need to be wanted.

Unsplash photo cred: Raimond Klavens

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