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Pay for Art

Maybe it's because my husband is a musician, but paying for good art is a worthy cause. I remember walking through a gallery as a child and hearing people whisper, "They want what for that!?! I could make that. My KID could make that."

I remember being really perplexed at how a picture could be worth more than a monthly food budget. More than a car. More than a house. As a very practical person, paying a hefty price for things I actually need seems completely appropriate. But art? Art's not necessary.

Or is it? If you had to go through your whole life focused purely on function and not at all on form, who would you even be? A robot? A beast?

And where would you say life actually stems from? Do you get up in the morning just to go through the motions of survival? (Some of you do, because you're depressed and that's all you've got). Or do you get up because you have something to live for? Something to love? Something to enjoy?

And aren't those things some form of art? Some beautiful combination of form and function?

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