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Nerd Friends

Man, I love my nerd friends. There are just some people in the world who are bang up awesome at consuming and processing information. They read 1,000 books a year. They research for days on things I can't handle more than 10 minutes of. They remember EVERYTHING on their favorite subjects. And then they come back to me and deliver well-thought-out concise conclusions. I LOVE these people.

It's not that I'm lazy. I like information too. It's just not my forte like it is theirs. I'm more of a surveyor. And I really would be lost without a little direction from the nerds. I'm good with letting them use their nerd superpowers to highlight the good stuff. I'll still check my sources. I'll still counter-check with my other nerd friends. But boy, do I appreciate those of you doing the deep research. You know who you are.

Unsplash Photo Cred: Mirkos Tsarouchidis

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