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My Precious

Can you believe that you are precious? Precious. Like the way a healthy mother looks at her baby's face and just LOVES it. Can't take her eyes away. Her heart beats slow and soft and strong as she adores every wispy hair and every curve in the eyes and every tint of pink in the lips. Precious.

Can you believe that about you? Messed up you? Embarrassing you? Wrong you? Loud you? Frozen you? Insufficient you? Stinky you? Ugly you? Stupid you? Gross you? Failure you? Weird you? Fat you? YOU are precious.

If you can't believe that, I am so sorry. Because you are. YOU. ARE. PRECIOUS. The world, your life, maybe even you have told you that you aren't. But they have all lied. You are precious.

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Jude Harris
Jude Harris
29 de out. de 2020


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