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Finish the Joy

I've only been to a desert a few times in my life. I've driven to sand dunes, got out, played around, got back into my car, drank from my cold Nalgene and then drove back to my hotel to take a nap. It was hot, but it wasn't anything NEAR torture. Just a little hot. A little dry.

But I have been through several metaphorical deserts that were more than just a little hot. They burned so bad, I didn't think I would survive. That heat wouldn't quit. I was so thirsty, I couldn't think about anything else. My mind would. not. let. go. of the relief I desired. When I found a drink of pure, clear, cool water in those deserts, my whole being focused on the goodness of that relief. My soul rested completely in those moments.

As I live, I am passing through desert after desert. My survival, my joy depends on my celebration and remembrance of those past reliefs and pains. I have to keep them in my heart to make it through the next desert, while I wait for the next relief.

What has been your cool drink of water?

Unsplash Photo Cred: J K

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